Don’t Forget…New This Year…A Free Beer for Finishers

Don’t forget that we added something new this year. For our 5th anniversary we felt that we needed to add something that was new and exciting. As we looked around at other races, especially the obstacle races, we noticed one great idea that we could implement into the Stop, Drop & Run….that’s right….beer. Starting this year all finishers (who are over the age of 21 of course) will be given a free beer after finishing the race. Whether you are running, walking, or battling your way through the obstacle course there will be an ice cold beer waiting for you as you cross the finish line. Right now we are working with local breweries to be able to provide you a local craft beer and we will update you once we find out what exactly will be on tap. If one beer just won’t quench your thirst…don’t worry you will be able to purchase another one.

So let’s recap. If you are participating in the standard 5k you will receive not only this year’s awesome shirt, but also an ice cold beer as well. Battling your way through the obstacle course? Then you will be getting not only a race shirt and that delicious beer, but also a finisher’s medal as well.