What is the Stop, Drop & Run

DSC_0706EditStandard 5K

The Stop, Drop & Run 5k originated in 2013 as a standard 5k walk/run.  The 2016 race is now our 4th annual race and we are more excited than ever to have runners & walkers return to Monaca.  Participants will traverse across the Monaca heights starting and finishing at the Monaca #4 Volunteer Fire Department.  Runner check-in and race day registration begins at 7:30 on Saturday, October 16th.  All participants will be presented with the 2016 Stop, Drop & Run shirt.  The overall first place male and female will be awarded $100 and a first place trophy.  The top three finishers in each division will be presented with a commemorative medal.  All children 12 and under will be presented a medal as well.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle course races have become one of the most popular events in the running world in the past 5 years.  There are races out there that have you run through mud, bounce down slides, and get splattered in paint.  We feel there should be less mud and more heroics.  The Stop, Drop & Run Firefighter Challenge is a firefighter themed obstacle race that allows you to live the life of a firefighter for a day.  You will battle through 22 different obstacles that challenge your strength, stamina, and teamwork.  The Stop, Drop & Run Firefighter Challenge is now in its second year and grew from 15 obstacles last  year to 22 to this year.

Runners will run the race in a wave format beginning at 9:30 a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter.  All participants in the firefighter challenge will receive the 2016 race shirt and the Firefighter Challenge Award Medal.  This race is open to all skillsets and ages.


Why run it?

The Stop, Drop & Run is hosted by the Monaca #4 Volunteer Fire Department.  When you run in some of the larger obstacle races you are supporting a company that is hosting that race and then donates a very small percentage of the funds to some charity.  Our race is the complete opposite.  Every single aspect of the race is planned, constructed and organized by our volunteer firefighters.  We pour countless hours each year to get this race ready for our participants.  On the financial side of things, every single dollar that is raised goes directly to supporting your volunteer firefighters.  It is funds raised from events such as this that allow us to buy the necessary equipment and to attend the vital training to provide a top caliber volunteer fire department to our community.  When you register to Stop, Drop & Run, whether as a runner, walker, or obstacle course challenger, you are directly supporting your local firefighters.  With this in mind we want to say thank you to everyone who has presently signed up and to those considering signing up.

Time is running out!

Online registration for the 2016 Stop, Drop & Run closes at 11:59 p.m. this Friday.  If you miss this deadline you will need to register the morning of the race beginning at 7:30 a.m.

The time remaining until race day is:

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Race Awards Arriving

20161011_181830reduced When you participate in the Stop, Drop & Run you are bound to go home with some type of swag.  This year is no exception to that.  We are proud to be showing off from left to right: Medal awarded to all Firefighter Themed Obstacle Course Finisher, First Place Trophy for top overall finishers in the Standard 5K, & the place medals for 1st – 3rd in each age division for the Standard 5k. In addition to this, the 1st place overall male and female will each be awarded a $100 prize for winning the race.  All kids 12 and under will receive a medal as a participant in the standard 5k.

You can’t forget about the shirt that everyone will be taking home with them as well.  As we said before…you aren’t going to leave the race empty handed.

Time is running out to register for the race this weekend.  Sign up today here!


22 Obstacles?!? – Stop, Drop & Run 5k

That’s right…22 of them.  This year we have increased not only the number of obstacles, but the diversity of them as well.  Check out this year’s course along with where the obstacles will be placed.  What are you most excited for?

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2016 Obstacles

1.) High Step – Knees to Chest! Knees to Chest.  Pump those legs through the tires.
2.) Stepping Stones – Leap from platform to platform to make your way across this obstacle.
3.) Sandbag Carry – Nothing like a scenic walk through the woods…with a sandbag of course.
4.) Over/Under Station – Up…down…up…down…up…down.
5.) Smoke Maze – Find your way through a smoke filled maze.
6.) Tube Crawl – Get yourself through small spaces.
7.) Log Carry – Work together to lift poles larger than life.
8.) Cinderblock Burpees – Just your standard burpee…with a few extra pounds.
9.) Tire Carry – Throw a tire on your shoulder and make it through the maze.
10.) Hose Pull – Run out all 50 feet of hose and pull it back in.  Repeat
11.) Obstacle Walls – 4 foot and 6 foot walls await you.
12.) Window Breach – Get that patient through the window and out to safety.
13.) Fire Suppression – Grab a hose and get that car fire out!
14.) Slip & Climb – Gravity is not your friend here.
15.) Up & Over – Grab onto that net and climb up.
16.) Hole in the Roof – We need some ventilation here…cut your way through the roof.
17.) Dumpster Dive – Nothing like jumping into a dumpster full of freezing water.
18.) Sidewall Climb – Make your way horizontally across this wall.
18.) Balance Beam – How’s your balance…you’re about to find out.
19.) Blitzfire Station – What’s a few hundred gallons of water…
20.) Low Crawl – Get down low and army crawl through.
21.) Body Drag – Grab on to them and get them to safety.

Remember…if obstacle courses aren’t your thing you can always sign up for the Standard 5K Walk/Run

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Redbull Wing Team at Stop, Drop & Run

Feeling a little drained after running the 5K or battling your way through all of the obstacles? Don’t worry…Redbull and their Wing Team will be onsite this year to give participants the lift they need with free Redbull.  Just another perk for our runners and walkers in the 2016 Stop, Drop & Run.

The race is this Saturday and if you haven’t registered yet we have only one question for you…why not?!?

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Time is Ticking Away

Time Until We Stop, Drop & Run:

Can you believe that it is already October?  With that in mind, time is literally ticking away.  The Stop, Drop & Run is held on October 15th and we are now under two weeks away from race day.  The real question is, why haven’t you registered yet?  If you have any difficulties or questions, please feel free to email race director Chris Shotter at chris.shotter@monacafire.com.

If you are ready to Stop, Drop & Run, register here.

Announcing the 2016 Swag

Let’s be honest with each other for moment.  When you sign up for a 5K you aren’t doing it to wake up early, eat some bagels, and go for a morning job.  Everyone is doing it for the swag.  Sure…it’s great to do it for the health benefits, but if you go home with some great swag it’s all the better.  Without further ado, here is the gear for 2016.

2016 Race Shirt


2016 Obstacle Medal


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20160921_174240If you participated in last year’s Firefighter Themed Obstacle Course you were pitted against just over 15 obstacles.  We saw you chop through roofs, extinguish car fires, and find your way through smoke filled mazes.  As you crossed the finish line you were dripping wet…either from the plethora of water obstacles or sweat…we couldn’t really tell.  As you crossed that finish line though you were a different person…you conquered what most fear!

Well…that was 2015 and this is 2016.  If 15 obstacles were enough in 2015…then 16 obstacles should be enough in 2016…right? Wrong! This year we are bringing you 20 obstacles.  That’s right…20!  In the nearly four miles that you run you are going to be put face to face with obstacles that challenge your stamina, strength, and teamwork.

So what exactly are these new obstacles?!? Well, we can’t ruin all the surprises, but we guess we can give you a slight heads up.  To the left you will see our new horizontal climb.  Balancing on just pieces of 2×4’s you have to scale across not one, but two walls.

Another new obstacle this year is what we are deeming the “Over Under”.  Get ready to jump over walls and crawling under obstacles in rapid repetition.  If that wasn’t enough, we have taken some of the obstacles from last year and added a new twist for them as well.  The only way to truly find out what all the obstacles will be is to Stop, Drop & Run!

Think you can handle the heat? Sign up today if you are ready to Stop, Drop & Run!