0 Days without a holiday incident

As the holidays approach, the Monaca #4 Volunteer Fire Department would like to remind our residents to keep their holidays safe as well as happy.  This year we are starting a new initiative in the community to keep the community of Monaca safer.  Above our door at 913 Taylor Ave, Monaca, PA you will find a wreath that is illuminated with Red LED bulbs.  This is part of a country wide initiate to “Keep the Wreath Red”.  The program will run from Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day.  In the even that a fire call occurs during that period and is the result of unsafe holiday behavior, one of the bulbs will be changed to a white light.  The goal is to keep the bulbs on the wreath red.

As we start this holiday program we offer you the following tips:


  • Select only fresh trees that are deep green in color, have a strong scent of pine,  and do not lose their needles readily.  Trees such as this can be purchased directly from us.
  • Make sure that your live tree always has an abundant supply of water.
  • Keep trees away from heat sources.
  • Buy and use lights approved by a national testing laboratory.
  • Discard any lights that have frayed or worn cords, broken or cracked sockets,loose connections, bare wires, or operate intermittently.
  • Never use indoor lights outdoors.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets (three sets of lights per single extension.)
  • Do not run extension cords under carpets, across doorways, or near heaters.
  • Unplug lights when you leave your home or before going to bed.
  • Extinguish all candles when leaving the room or going to sleep.
  • Keep candles away from items that can catch fire, like clothing, books and curtains.
  • Use candleholders that are sturdy, won’t tip over easily, are made from a material that cannot burn,, and are large enough to collect dripping wax.
  • Keep candles and all open flames away from flammable liquids.
  • Keep candlewicks trimmed to one-quarter inch and extinguish taper and pillar candles when they get to within two inches of the holder.
  • Votives and containers should be extinguished before the last half-inch of wax starts to melt.
  • During power outages, avoid carrying a lit candle. Use flashlights.
  • Keep matches, lighters and candles out of children’s reach.
  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Keep candles in sturdy holders and away from combustibles.
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing near open flames of a fireplace, candle, or stove.
  • Burn only well-seasoned, dry wood in your fireplace.
  • Stay in the kitchen while food is cooking. Leaving cooking food unattended is the No. 1 cause of kitchen fires.
  • Keep cloth items away from heat sources. Wearing long sleeves while cooking and leaving potholders and dishtowels lying near the stove are great ways to accidentally start a fire. Roll up long sleeves and place potholders and dishtowels away from the stove and oven.
  • Do not have too many cooks in the kitchen. Make sure there is enough room for everyone to cook well and safely. Nobody wants to get burned or cut, but chaos in the kitchen leads to accidents, so keep things calm.
  • Cleanliness is key. Many people do not realize that keeping kitchens clean reduces the risk of fire. Leftover grease and food can catch fire in burners, the oven, pots and pans.
  • Grease is the enemy. Grease and oil easily can ignite if they get too hot. Cook very carefully and lower the heat whenever smoke appears. If a grease fire occurs, try to smother it with a lid. Never attempt to put it out with water, as this will cause the fire to spread further.
  • Call 911. Every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen as a precaution, but sometimes the fire department still needs to be called. If a fire occurs and you are unable to put it out, call 911 immediately and flee the home.