Click here to track Santa through Monaca!

Please join the Monaca Volunteer Fire Departments as we bring Santa through town for our fourth annual “Monaca Fire brings Santa Claus to Monaca”.  Santa has agreed to fly down from the North Pole on Saturday, December 16th starting at noon since the boys and girls of Monaca have been so well behaved.  This page will be the primary source of information for Santa and we ask you to visit it and like us on Facebook ( to stay up to date for this event.

Santa will travel throughout Monaca on December 16th, 2017 starting at noon.  As was the case in previous years, Santa asked that we have dedicated meeting spots, “Santa Stop Spots”, for all the boys and girls to go to so that he is able to get through Monaca all in one day.  Santa is a very busy man this time of year and we could only convince him to come to Monaca for one day. We will not be stopping anywhere that isn’t a “Santa Stop Spot”.

We have tried to place them every few blocks so that families do not have to walk far.  You can find them on the maps below or looking for the Snowflakes signs near your home starting the Thursday before Santa’s arrival.

Santa has some very smart elves and he has provided us with the technology for you to track him as he travels through Monaca.  We will release a map that shows the route that he will travel so you and your children can view in real time how close he is to your home.  When he gets a stop or two away from your house, you should head down to your closest Santa Stop Spot and wait for him to come and meet you.

Absolutely!  Santa will have plenty of fire trucks escorting his sleigh around town, but be sure to practice safety first when walking on the roads to go to the Santa Stop Spots through.  Once Santa reaches his Stop Spot, you will be able to come and sit on his lap and tell him what you would like for Christmas and ask him any questions that you may have.

It took some sweet talking, but Santa will provide Candy Canes for everyone who visits him.

As was the case last year, photos will be taken of the children as they sit on Santa’s laps.  These photos will be available on our Facebook page ( 

While we are bringing Santa around town we will also be collecting donations for Secret Santa.  If you have any donations for the families, please provide them to the fire fighters along the route and they will place them in the fire trucks.  Thank you for your support.

If you have any other questions please feel to reach out to us at  Any questions that we receive we will place on here as well to keep the community better informed.

For all media inquiries please contact Chris Shotter at

Santa Stop Spots