2017 Obstacle Map Released Featuring 3 New Obstacles

We are just over three weeks away from the Stop, Drop & Run 5k and with that in mind we are now able to release the final obstacle route course maps.  This year we are adding 3 new type of obstacles and will have a total of 23 obstacles for participants.  We are going to give you some details on the three new this year here, but please check out the full obstacle course list here.

Weight Pull – In this obstacle you can either pull the weights with the string via a hand over hand method or drag it with the shorter rope.  You will start at one end of the obstacle, drag it to the other end, and then pull it back to the starting point.

Box Jump – Get ready to get those feet up and off the ground.  You will be jumping from one side of the box onto the top and then down onto the other side.  Jump back up and across.  Now repeat this 10 times.

Lilypad Dash – Similar to jungle gyms that you may have played on in elementary school, the Lilypad dash will test not only your balance, but your strength too.  Step onto the suspended pad and hang onto the rope as you cross your way to the next.  Don’t fall off or it’s back to the start that you go.

Remember, if obstacle courses aren’t your thing, we also have a standard 5k walk/run that you can support your volunteer firefighters in by registering.