22 Obstacles?!? – Stop, Drop & Run 5k

That’s right…22 of them.  This year we have increased not only the number of obstacles, but the diversity of them as well.  Check out this year’s course along with where the obstacles will be placed.  What are you most excited for?

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2016 Obstacles

1.) High Step – Knees to Chest! Knees to Chest.  Pump those legs through the tires.
2.) Stepping Stones – Leap from platform to platform to make your way across this obstacle.
3.) Sandbag Carry – Nothing like a scenic walk through the woods…with a sandbag of course.
4.) Over/Under Station – Up…down…up…down…up…down.
5.) Smoke Maze – Find your way through a smoke filled maze.
6.) Tube Crawl – Get yourself through small spaces.
7.) Log Carry – Work together to lift poles larger than life.
8.) Cinderblock Burpees – Just your standard burpee…with a few extra pounds.
9.) Tire Carry – Throw a tire on your shoulder and make it through the maze.
10.) Hose Pull – Run out all 50 feet of hose and pull it back in.  Repeat
11.) Obstacle Walls – 4 foot and 6 foot walls await you.
12.) Window Breach – Get that patient through the window and out to safety.
13.) Fire Suppression – Grab a hose and get that car fire out!
14.) Slip & Climb – Gravity is not your friend here.
15.) Up & Over – Grab onto that net and climb up.
16.) Hole in the Roof – We need some ventilation here…cut your way through the roof.
17.) Dumpster Dive – Nothing like jumping into a dumpster full of freezing water.
18.) Sidewall Climb – Make your way horizontally across this wall.
18.) Balance Beam – How’s your balance…you’re about to find out.
19.) Blitzfire Station – What’s a few hundred gallons of water…
20.) Low Crawl – Get down low and army crawl through.
21.) Body Drag – Grab on to them and get them to safety.

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