20160921_174240If you participated in last year’s Firefighter Themed Obstacle Course you were pitted against just over 15 obstacles.  We saw you chop through roofs, extinguish car fires, and find your way through smoke filled mazes.  As you crossed the finish line you were dripping wet…either from the plethora of water obstacles or sweat…we couldn’t really tell.  As you crossed that finish line though you were a different person…you conquered what most fear!

Well…that was 2015 and this is 2016.  If 15 obstacles were enough in 2015…then 16 obstacles should be enough in 2016…right? Wrong! This year we are bringing you 20 obstacles.  That’s right…20!  In the nearly four miles that you run you are going to be put face to face with obstacles that challenge your stamina, strength, and teamwork.

So what exactly are these new obstacles?!? Well, we can’t ruin all the surprises, but we guess we can give you a slight heads up.  To the left you will see our new horizontal climb.  Balancing on just pieces of 2×4’s you have to scale across not one, but two walls.

Another new obstacle this year is what we are deeming the “Over Under”.  Get ready to jump over walls and crawling under obstacles in rapid repetition.  If that wasn’t enough, we have taken some of the obstacles from last year and added a new twist for them as well.  The only way to truly find out what all the obstacles will be is to Stop, Drop & Run!

Think you can handle the heat? Sign up today if you are ready to Stop, Drop & Run!